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39 Dazzling Experiments with Dry Ice Book


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39 Dazzling Experiments with Dry Ice Book

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This book by Brian Rohrig contains 39 simple and fun experiments that can be performed anyone. All have Brian Rohrig's books are best sellers when we exhibit at educational shows. This is the best dry ice book on the market. Includes a tutorial on dry ice (how to aquire, store, etc.) and the following experiments:

1. What Is Dry Ice?
2. Making Fog With Dry Ice
3. The Squealing Coin
4. A Film Canister Rocket
5. Making A Fountain Of Soap Suds
6. Making A Fire Extinguisher
7. A Heavy Balloon
8. Floating Bubbles
9. Collosal Color Changes
10. Bubble Art
11. Air Hockey
12. Stupendous Smoke Rings
13. A Cascading Water Fountain
14. The Expanding Bag
15. Illuminating Laser Beams
16. Forming Carbonated Water
17. The Leaky Faucet
18. Dry Ice Crystal Ball
19. Homemade Root Beer
20. A Miniature Tornado
21. Will Dry Ice Keep Your Drink Cold?
22. Do Oil And Dry Ice Mix?
23. A Rubber Band Snake
24. Freezing Flower Petals
25. Microwaves And Dry Ice
26. Can Dry Ice Freeze Water?
27. Making A Super Soaker
28. A Soda Fountain
29. Cutting A Block Of Dry Ice In Half
30. How Dense Is Dry Ice?
31. The Whistling Tea Kettle
32. Making A Comet
33. Freezing Objects With Dry Ice
34. Making A Miniature Submarine
35. The Oozing Can Of Soda
36. A Dry Ice Powered Boat
37. Can Antifreeze Be Made To Freeze?
38. Can You Color Dry Ice?
39. Quick Thaw

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