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5 Butterfly Specimens on Cotton Back in Wooden Frame


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5 Butterfly Specimens on Cotton Back in Wooden Frame

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 5 Butterfly Specimens on Cotton Back Wooden Frame
This frame contains 5 beautiful real butterfly and moths specimens on cotton to contrast the details of each butterfly. The frame measures 5" x 15" and is hangable.
The butterflies on each frame will vary but can contain:

  • The Day-flying Moth
  • The Indian Yellow Nawab
  • The Autumn Leaf
  • The Lemon Emigrant
  • The Common Archduke(f)
  • The Common Jay
  • The Red Spot Jezebel(f)
  • The Common Indian Crow
  • The Great Nawab
  • The Spot Swordtail
  • The Great Orange Tip
  • The Cruiser
  • The Tawny Rajah
  • The Lime Butterfly
  • The Common Rose
  • The Common Tiger
  • The Yellow Pansy
  • The Archduke(f)
With this purchase you are buying a complete 5 piece assortment.
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