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Apologia Kit w 17 Prepared Slide Set : Biology Microscope Kit


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Apologia Kit w 17 Prepared Slide Set : Biology Microscope Kit

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Contains non-household items needed to complete the microscope labs in the textbook, Exploring Creation with Biology. This kit includes:

  • Prepared slides:
    • Amoeba, wm
    • Euglena, wm
    • Paramecium caudatum, wm
    • Volvox (green algae), wm
    • Diatoms, marine, wm (yellow-green algae)
    • Spirogyra (green algae), wm
    • Hydra, budding, wm
    • Ranunculus (Buttercup), root, cs
    • Ranunculus (Buttercup), stem, cs
    • Zea Mays (Corn), root, cs
    • Zea Mays (Corn), stem, cs
    • Allium (onion) root tip, ls
    • Ascaris (Roundworm) mitosis
    • Grantia (Scypha)spicules, wm
    • Planaria (flatworm), wm
    • Ficus (dicot) leaf, cs

  • Chick Embryo Film Strip, 8 stages of development
  • Slide Storage Box
  • Slides, glass, pack of 12
  • Coverslips, glass, pack of 100
  • Methylene Blue, 15mL
  • Iodine Solution, 30mL
  • Lens Paper, pack of 50
  • Pipets, pack of 4
  • Scalpel (single piece - blade is not detachable)

Recommended for grades 8-11.

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