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Colored Film Gels - Set of Six Colors 8x10 Sheets w/Bonus 13,500 Line Diffraction Grating


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Colored Film Gels - Set of Six Colors 8x10 inch sheets

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Colored Film Gels - Primary & Secondary Colors w/Bonus Diffraction Grating
by Rainbow Symphony

With a total of six different colors spread evenly across the primary and secondary color spectrum, the colored filters are great for color mixing experiments that call for additive and subractive colors, the absorption and filtering of different wavelengths of light, and basic color mixing. The primary colors are Red, Blue and Green, while the secondary colors are Cyan, Yellow and Magenta. Each color is a full 8x10" sheet, giving you the ability to cut it down to suit your needs and purposes.

Also included is a bonus 13,500 line/inch sheet of diffraction grating, measuring 6x12", and are a great addition to the additive and subtractive experiments. They can also be used on their own for the direct viewing and analysis of the spectra from various light sources.

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