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Fire Syringe - Air Compression Piston Demonstration with Teacher's Guide


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Use this fire syringe to demonstrate compression of air to ignite a cotton ball in a plastic syringe.

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Fire Syringe

Air Compression Demonstration

With Teacher's Guide

Use this fire syringe to demonstrate compression of air in a plastic syringe. The compression is demonstrated when the cotton ball inside the syringe that is ignited when the plunger is pushed in the syringe.Compression ignition is demonstrated by placing a the cotton ball at the bottom of the fire syringe and then plunging the piston forcefully into the cylinder. The cotton  then bursts into flame due to the rapid rise in temperature which accompanies the sudden reduction in volume (and increase in pressure) of the air beneath the piston. The energy provided by the arm muscles working to compress the air is transferred into the much reduced volume of the air during compression and manifests itself as heat energy sufficient to ignite the tinder.

Our kit includes two small cotton balls. You can supply your own tinder for future demonstrations. Cotton balls, tissue paper or even match heads are possible tinder options for you. The teacher's guide lays out step by step demonstration details and other ideas for your students. 


Check out our blog post on the Fire Syringe Demonstration for even more about this cool item.


  • Demonstration Piston (Measures 9.25" Standing)
  • Two Small Cotton Balls
  • Two Replacement O-Rings
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