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10mL Polypropylene Measuring Cylinder w/Hexagonal Base - 10mL Plastic Graduated Cylinder


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A fully autoclavable polypropylene measuring cylinder, with an overall capacity of 10mL.

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10mL Polypropylene Cylinder
by United Scientific

This measuring cylinder features an overall capacity of 10mL, with an outside diameter of 15mm (1.5cm) and a height of 110mm (11.0cm). It has a graduation interval (and tolerance) of 0.2mL, with numbered markings every 1mL, starting at the 1mL mark.

Molded from a single piece of polypropylene, these one-piece measuring cylinders feature raised graduations for easy readability. This also ensures that, unlike painted on graduations, they aren't susceptible to fading or paint rubbing off. They are fully autoclavable, and have excellent contact clarity. The hexagonal base of the cylinder provides good stability.

Similar to polyethylene, polypropylene features an additional methyl group that adds improved mechanical and thermal resistance. At room temperature, it is resistant to fats and almost all organic solvents, save for strong oxidizers. It can also handle non-oxidizing acids and bases with relative ease.

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