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Walters Crucible Holder w/Glass Stem


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Rubber crucible holder

Availability: In Stock

Walters Crucible Holder

with Glass Stem


This molded rubber stopper has been created specifically for the use of Gooch filtering crucibles, and comes complete with a removeable glass stem.  The top of the stem is flared and sized to fit inside the stopper to help the filtrate pass cleanly into the flask.  The stopper can fit into flasks that would normally take a size 6,7 or 8 rubber stopper.

The Stem

*Overall Length: 115mm

*Stem Length (Not including collection funnel):  100mm

*Funnel Diameter (inside): 22mm

The Stopper

*Overall Length: 60mm

*Top Inside Diameter: 22mm

*Top Outside Diameter: 44mm

*Bottom Inside Diameter: 9mm

*Bottom Outside Diameter: 20mm

*Length of Taper: 35mm

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