3D DNA Model Pre-Assembled Rotating 24" Standing


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This large 24" 3D DNA Model rotates on its stand to allow for display and discussion in a science classroom.

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24" Standing 3D DNA Model

Pre-assembled 3D DNA model is built to scale 10cm to 1nm and accurately depicts a 16 base pair section DNA. Made of bright flexible plastic, this large DNA model will be an attractive as well as functional addition to any classroom or office. Overall around 24 inches tall on a solid plastic base. The Phosphatedeoxyribose backbone and the four bases are represented by custom plastic moldings that show the shapes of the molecules in scale and illustrate the bonding between them. The handedness of the backbone chains and the relative sizes of the major and minor grooves in the relaxed molecule are correctly shown. The 3D DNA model is supported by a central pillar which can rotate on a circular stand, and the phosphate and deoxyribose components of the backbone as well as the individual base pairs can be removed for separate examination.

As you can see, this large 3D DNA model will make a great study tool for students and a excellent addition to any teachers science classroom.

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