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11x17 Post-It Anatomy Poster - A Brief Overview of the Human Vertebral Column


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This 11x17 Post-It chart gives a brief overview of the bones of the vertebral column

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11 x 17 Post-It Human Anatomical Chart

Body Scientific International has teamed up with the creators of Post-It notes to bring you the next big thing in Anatomical Charts...Post It Anatomy Charts are printed on heavy, quality stock paper, backed with 3M adhesive Post-It material and will stick to virtually any surface. You can reposition the Post-It Anatomy Chart many times without damaging the surface.

 BSI artists have specialized in creating anatomical charts for more than 10 years. This new line of charts are styled and written in a way to provide the most educational value to the customer. They are designed for the patient in the waiting room, the student in biology or anatomy class or a good Samaritan who is about to use an AED (Automated External Defibrillator) for the first time.

The Human Vertebrae of the Spine are depicted in full color and easy to read print labeling the various diagrams. A perfect teaching and learning aid for anatomy and physiology classes.

The Post-It Anatomy Chart series contains 20 individual charts covering a wide variety of Human Anatomical Topics:
Respiratory System  --  Digestive System  --  Anatomy of the Brain  --  Human Skeleton  --   Urinary System  --  Anatomy of the Eye  --  Anatomy of the Ear  --  How Eyesight Works  --   Anatomy of the Skull  --  Male Reproductive System  --  Female Reproductive System  --  Cranial Nerves  --  Human Vertebrae  --  Heart  --  Muscular System  --  Major Vessels  --  Nervous System  --  Joints  --  Muscle Types  --  The Integumentary System.

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