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Classroom Chemistry Kit (Walter Lincoln Hawkins) Super Absorbent Polymer


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Classroom Chemistry Kit (Walter Lincoln Hawkins) Super Absorbent Polymer

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African American Scientist Series
Dr.Walter Lincoln Hawkins
A Super Absorbent Polynmer
Dr Walter Lincoln (Linc) Hawkins was the first African American to join the Technical Staff of the Bell Labs in 1942.  He worked developing plastics to replace lead and rubber sheathing used for insulation of wiring.  After a long and distinguished carreer with Bell Labs he retired and continued in service to the community encouraging minorities to study chemistry.  He was recognized internationally for his contributions to technology, engineering and polymer chemistry.  The demonstration of  super absorbent polymer  science could be a first step to follow in his foot steps...
Superabsorbent polymers were first developed for use in the oil industry. Today, there are many uses for superabsorbent polymers; including use in disposable diapers. In this experiment,students will see how the chemical in disposable diapers keeps babies dry. This series of experiments is both educational and fun and also brings science close to home.
This Classroom kit is designed for  four (4) classes of 30 students, working in pairs.
Materials included in this kit:
  • Biography sheet for Dr Walter Lincoln Hawkins
  • 4 oz soduim polyacrylate
  • 30 small styrofoam cups
  • 30 craft sticks
  • 2  100 mL graduated cylinders
  • Procedural instructions
  • Teaching tips for the instructor
  • Listing of  Natural and Synthetic Polymers
Other supplies needed for this experiment (not included in the kit)
  • Distilled Water
  • Tap Water
  • Disposable Diaper
  • Scissors
  • Half Gallon size (or larger) sealable bag
In 1996 MacNan Biologicals set out on a mission to meld historical facts with scientific exploration focusing on the accomplishments of African American scientists. MacNan Biologicals, located in historic Birmingham, Alabama enlisted experts in the fields of science and education to prepare these kits. The representative scientists selected were chosen for the significant accomplishments they achieved in their particular fields of expertise. It is our hope that the “Focus on African American Scientists Series” will motivate students to seek a greater understanding of science and consider careers on the scientific frontier.
MacNan Biologicals has also partnered with the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute to conduct seminars to teach teachers how to bring science alive in the classroom. Please inquire about our workshops and group seminars for professional teacher training. Our professional sales staff is ready to assist you.
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Product Warnings Caution - To be used under Adult Supervision. Proper Laboratory Safety Procedures Should Always be Followed!
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Product Warnings:
  • Caution - To be used under Adult Supervision. Proper Laboratory Safety Procedures Should Always be Followed!