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Economy Wimshurst Machine Lab Static Electricity Generator


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Economy Wimhurst Machine Lab Static Electricity Generator

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Economy Wimhurst Machine Lab Static Electricity Generator

A machine belonging to the class of generators called influence machines, which separate electric charges through electrostatic induction, or influence.
   Economy (Wimshurst Machine) Perform all the classic experiments at a more affordable price! This unit is built following the basic design of most Wimshurst machines, with economy in mind. The stand, Leyden jars, pulleys, and two handles are all molded from durable plastic. Produces sparks 2-1/2" long, under appropriate weather conditions. 
   Provided with a system of induced charge collecting brushes, adjustable ball-ended electrodes and cylindrical Leyden jar capacitors for obtaining higher potential. Produces substantial opposite charges which are deposited in the capacitors and on metal spheres. A rapid sequence of sparks can be generated by lowering the systems capacitance. Also spelled Whimhurst, Wimhurst or Whimshurst.

Spark gap is adjustable by moving the metal rods with ebonite handles. 
Weight: 6lbs
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