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Two Stroke Gas Petrol Motor Engine Model


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Two Stroke Gas Petrol Motor Engine Model

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Two Stroke Gas Petrol Engine Model

This is an excellent model of a two stroke gas engine, great for hands on display of what goes on inside of a two stroke engine.  The model's bulb is powered by electricity at positive and negative power nodes, use wire and posts of 9 volt battery.  The engine action is powered by a wheel crank.
In four stroke engines there are two unproductive strokes, the suction stroke and the exhaust stroke.  Dugald Clark in 1878 figured an alternative method that uses the suction and exhaust to power an additional stroke for each revolution of the crankshaft.  Because of this, the power output of the two stroke engine doubled that of the four stroke. 
The two stroke gas engine has two disadvantages, fuel loss and idling difficulty.  The way fuel loss is avoided is by using fuel injection instead of a carburetor.  Two strokes engines are lighter, more powerful, and the work to overcome friction of the exhaust and suction stroke is saved.  High speed two stroke engines are less efficient due to volumetric efficiency and also two stroke engines tend to cause more consumption of lubricating oils.
Includes Education Pamphlet
Battery not Included
Ages 12 and up.
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