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Science Fair Fun EARTH SCIENCES 5 Book Set SALE!


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Science Fair Fun EARTH SCIENCES 5 Book Set SALE!

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Science Fair Fun™
5 Book Set
Easy Projects For Kids To Do With Parents, Teachers Or All By Themselves
The Science Fun Fair Book Sets are slap-your-knees funny, and at the same time filled to the brim with not only facts, but with experiments you do yourself in order to uncover and understand them. A terrific example of how learning teams up with fun! Definitions and principles are thoroughly but clearly explained by author B.X. Hixson, whose comical illustrations and sense of humor serve as reminder to have fun while you get smarter.
The five-book Earth Sciences Series Set Includes 5 Books:
  • Electronics: The Adventures of Diode Dudes
  • Geology: Dig It!
  • Magnets:Opposites Attract
  • Weather: Whats Up?
  • 50 Ooh-aah Experiments: Zingers!
For ages 10 and up
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