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Hoberman Original Rainbow Mini Transforming Sphere Toy


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This Rainbow Mini-Sphere provides a rainbow of primary color swirls as you toss and play.

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Hoberman®Mini Sphere-Rainbow 
Transforming Sphere™ Toy
Transforms from 5.5 Inches to 12 Inches

This Rainbow Mini-Sphere provides a rainbow of primary color swirls as you toss and play. 
The Hoberman Sphere combines mathematics, geometry and aesthetics into a magical motion of surprising simplicity, beauty and fun. This polyhedral toy is similar in design to a geodesic dome. A game and activity sheet is included. Everyone who sees these spheres is fascinated.
You can use this for physics or astronomy to demonstrate the idea of an expanding universe, for mathematics to show the volume, surface area and diameter relationships of a sphere or for chemistry to model Charles and Gay Lussac's Gas Laws as applied to a soap bubble. Great for a party.
Its system of polymer links expands and contracts almost effortlessly, changing in volume 30 times. Hang it from the ceiling and using the pulley, create an expanding mobile you can open and close. No assembly required - you will not want to put it down.
Ages 4 years and up

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Product Warnings Caution - Use under adult supervision.
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Product Warnings:
  • Caution - Use under adult supervision.