How Are Marbles Made?

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Marbles have been around for a very long time. They are one of the most favorite nostalgic toys. So many people can remember the simple joys of playing marbles as children. Marbles is a game that will continue to be around for a very long time. Mostly marbles are now made with glass in all different colors and sizes.Marbles are even mass produced for everyone to get to enjoy. However, it has not always been that simple.

When marbles where first being used, a very long time ago, they were made from all kinds of materials. They were all handmade in a variety of ways. People would roll clay by hand. Or people would carve ivory into small round balls. People would also take the time to grind down stone to get the desired shape and size for a great game of marbles. These processes took a long time, but definitely created an amazing product for people to enjoy.

Sonata Hand-crafted MarbleNow though, marbles are mostly made using molten glass. This process is definitely quicker than cutting down stone. The glass will be all different colors. The glass is very hot and it is rolled into rods. Then, the different colors are stacked together to make a pattern. Once the marble creator has the pattern they want, they will cut the molten class rods with special scissors.

At that point of the process the glass is still very soft, basically the same consistency of chewy candy. So it is still very easy to work with when using the right tools to handle the heat. Once it has been cut into small sections with the special scissors, the sections will get rolled into balls. Once they cool they will provide those amazing swirled colored balls that people of all ages will love to play with.

Red Glass MarblesAs with most things now a days marbles are also mass produced. Basically, huge machines will use many nozzles to combine the streams of liquid glass. Then a machine will also cut the streams into even pieces. Those little lumpy pieces will be passed into the next machine. This machine rotates the lumps through screw threads that are always rolling to make the perfect round spheres. This constant rolling process will continue until the marbles are completely cooled down. Thanks to modern technology, people can watch videos online about this process and see for themselves how it is done.

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