How Does a Microscope Magnify?

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Basic MicroscopeMany people would like to understand exactly how things work. Before using anything they would like that clear understanding of what they are using and how it works. So for all those wonderful geeks out there who have played with a microscope, here’s some information. Then they can know exactly what they are using, which will help them to enjoy it even more. They could even try using a magnifying glass to make their own version of a microscope to play with.

So, as for how a microscope works, people need to understand that a lot of the use is determined by the type of lens. Most microscopes and magnifying glasses use a lens that is called a biconvex lens. It is basically curved on two sides, just like a spoon. Also, it is often thicker in the center. Those things combined are what make the lens work the way that it does.

Microscope Lenses and StageOf course, just one lens is not all that is used in the more modern microscopes. They actually use multiple lenses to get the clear magnification that they provide. There is actually a lens that is close to the object that is called the objective lens. Then there is the lens that is close to the person’s eye and that is called the eyepiece lens. These two lenses working together are what make the object look magnified.

By its self, just the eyepiece lens will magnify something about ten times. Then, a normal objective lens will be able to magnify something by about forty times. So put together these two lenses will end up magnifying something by a total of 400 times its original size. It’s just simple calculations, but the power of using more than one lens is clearly seen.

So no matter what people are hoping to use a microscope for, they can just remember that the amazing power comes from the lenses being used. So also, if they do not feel like their microscope is doing the job right, then they might want to invest in one with better lenses. That would have more power and provide a clearer image to see, thus giving them what they were hoping for. Then they can do all kinds of science experiments with their great new toy and they can learn a lot just from using the right kind of microscope with the right kinds of lenses.

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