How Does a Telescope Work?

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Viewing through the telescopeHave you ever wondered how a telescope works? It is a pretty fascinating thing to be able to look through a telescope and to see hundreds, if not thousands, of miles away in to space. Inside of a telescope there are different lens that help absorb light and let you get a magnified look at whatever you are trying to see. There are also telescopes that have mirrors in them that do the same thing and help you get the magnified image that you are looking for. If you were to try to see something that is far away with just your eye you may have a hard time. However, if you had a larger eye then you could absorb more light and be able to see the object. A telescope is almost like a larger eye and it will help you see the object that you are looking for.

There are a lot of different sizes of telescopes in the world. There are many small toy telescopes that help you see a short distance and then there are huge telescopes that NASA uses to see deep in to outer space. No matter what type of telescope you buy they are using the same idea to help you see a magnified version of the object that you cannot see with your naked eye. Having the right lens and the right eyepiece will give you the combination to have a great telescope. There are people out there that build their own telescopes because they understand how a telescope is made. They gather their own lens and mirrors and build the telescope that they want in order to be able to see things that are a far distance away.

A home telescopeIn order for a telescope to work properly, there has to be some form of light so that the lens can work. If there is no light in the object you are looking to see then you will only see black when you look through the eyepiece. For instance if you were trying to see a star through your telescope you will get a pretty good view because of the light that the star reflects. But if there were no stars in the sky and you were just looking at blackness through your telescope then you will not be able to see anything but the blackness. Telescopes are great tools for exploring what is in outer space.

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