The History of Marbles

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Green MarblesMany people remember the great times of playing with marbles as a child. They will also know that they have heard their grandparents sharing memories of playing marbles all of the time. They are the best, most nostalgic toy that there is. It is also something that people really want to keep sharing with their children and grandchildren. But for anyone who is interested, marbles have been around even longer than most people realize.

There is one history that says that the marble first came around in a Harappan civilization in Pakistan. This civilization was near the Indus River. When an excavation was done here, marbles made of stone were found. Some history books will also say that the Romans were the first to use marbles. However, theirs would have been made of clay. Marbles are often mentioned in Roman literature. Different kinds of marbles have also been found from ancient Egypt. They seem to have used all kinds of materials, like clay, stone and glass. During excavations, clay balls have also been found in ancient Aztec pyramids.

So marbles have been found all throughout history in all kinds of civilizations. While it is not quite possible to know if they were actually used in games like we play them today, it does seem like they had no other purpose beyond something recreational.

Moving forward through marble history, it was in the 1870's that ceramic marbles began to be made using mass production. Using mass production is so much less expensive. It allowed these marbles to be made quickly and cheaply and distributed to the masses.

Different inventors have contributed to the making ofmarbles over time. For instance, in 1846 a German inventor made marble scissors which allowed him during his glass blowing to make marbles. He was a famous glass blower and the invention of those scissors allowed him to make thesemarbles with glass unlike anyone had done before.

Red Glass MarblesIn the United States it took a little longer for marbles to become mass produced. A company by the name of Akon began to make clay marbles in the late 1800s. When technology became available they also started to make glass marbles in a mass produced way. So that is just one more way that marbles were quickly able to be purchased by whoever wanted them and people all over the country got to enjoy a game that had been around for thousands of years.

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