What is FunLoom?

Posted by Joe Sitter on

Everyone is talking about the original FunLoom. The only loom that uses 100% quality silicone bands because they wont pull, fray or fade. With brighter colors, you can make anything. Its uniquely designed with a wider board for faster, easier looming. And it snaps together for bigger and better creations.

FunLoom's creation station is designed for your creative imagination to make anything by hand with cool new stretchy bands. Now you can make bracelets, rings, hair ties, head bands, anklets, and so much more. Simply load the Loom Station with your favorite colorful bands, flip it and use the wand to link the bands in a pattern, pop it off and clip it to make a perfect stretchy bracelet. Its really easy and so much fun. You can even add charms to add your own unique touch.

FunLoom is the perfect gift that can really mean something special. From team spirit to friendship bracelets, the possibilities are endless.

Other bands can really hurt but FunLoom is made from top quality silicone that wont pull your hair and they never fade. Mix and match colors at any party and make your own secret FunLoom club. Any color, any age, any time. FunLoom starter kit comes with one loom board, one hook, five-hundred colorful bands, thirty clips and a guide for $14.99 so you can learn how to link and loom.


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