Chem Bits Individual Chemistry Experiment Kits

Each includes several activies and experiments, enough material for several trials and a booklet with instructions and concepts.  All are non-toxic and safe when used as directed.

Great for demonstrations, independent projects and gifts.

CK-1100 Polarity of Water
 Make a stream of water bend! See how many drops of water can be put on the head of a penny!


CK-1200 The Spectator
 Turn "white light" into spectacular rays of bright colors. Use them to analyze colors and light.


CK-1550 Crystal Tree
 Grow the beautiful crystal tree in 2 hours!  Learn about the chemistry behind it!


CK-1660 Crystal Gel
 Make the crystal gel swell hundred times its size! See it appear to disappear!


CK-1670 Super Water Absorber
 Do the Magic Super Water Slurper Trick!


CK-1780 Disappearing Ink
 It disappears, you make it reappear!


CK-1910 Quantum Leap
 Learn how to make a glowing glue ball!


CK-2010 Cool Chem-Light
 Learn how fireflies light up and make light from a chemical reaction!


CK-2110 Magic Color Crystals
 Make foaming color changing drinks!


CK-2120 Jelly Things
 Make Tasty Polymer Pudding and Juicy Orange Jelly Things!


CK-2510 Thermochromic Things
 See who is hot and who is cool!


CK-2610 Photochromic Paint
 Paint with the special substance and make it change colors with the right energy.