Chemical Guidelines & Warnings

 At OnlineScienceMall, we strive to educate our customers as best as possible about the chemicals that they are buying. Whether it's a university or governent laboratory, a homeschool teacher, or a student trying to complete a science fair project, safety is your safety is our top priority. We are constantly working with our supplier to give them feedback about the packaging being used, and what we might be able to do to improve it. Here are just a few ways that we are trying to ensure customer safety, as well as help them reduce the overhead costs for their projects:

  • Prompt delivery
  • Batch information on all labels
  • Highly visible CAS numbers on all labels
  • Highly visible safety information on all labels
  • Color-coded storage codes for easy, safe, and proper storage
  • Color-coded caps to help reduce accidental storage mistakes

Smaller unit sizes:

  • Require less shelf space
  • Easier to handle, which helps reduce potential hazards
  • Less potential product waste due to lack of use
  • Smaller quantities = lower costs = more funds for other aspects of your projects

Chemical Storage Code Key & DOT Classifications



All chemicals listed for sale on this website are not sold for consumption, pharmaceutical, or medicinal purposes. They are sold, and intended, strictly for use in research, commercial, and educational settings, and are to be used under proper supervision and in following with all safety policies and equipment.


OnlineScienceMall reserves the right to restrict the shipping method and/or quanity of any chemicals shipped, be it the quantity per box, or the quantity shipped to any one individual. We also reserve the right to contact any customer directly to verify the validity of the purchase, or the intended use.

  • We do not ship any chemicals internationally. If your internationally shipped order comes through our system with a chemical included on it, we will contact you directly to cancel and refund only that item. The rest of your order will be shipped to you.