How to Use Glo Germ

Please note that Glo Germ products will not show actual germs. The "glowing germs" you see is the actual Glo Germ product itself, and are only intended to simulate germs and bacteria.

Glo Germ Mist

  1. Slowly open the MIST spray canister, using caution in case the sprayer is still pressurized. The presure can be released by slowly twisting the top of the cap on the canister.
  2. Shake the MIST refill bottle, and then carefully pour it into the MIST spray canister, being sure to not fill it more than half-way.
  3. Replace and tighten the sprayer lid, using caution to ensure that all the seals are aligned.
  4. Shake the canister well, and then pump the lid 12 times or until it is mildly firm.

For Use on Surfaces: Spray an even coat across the surface of the test area, and give it 3-5 minutes of drying time. After that, the Glo Germ MIST will be virtually invisible to the naked eye. The product will spread out much like actual microbes, revealing where dangerous practices can lead to cross-contamination.

For Use in the Air: A quick spray into the air can simulate a sneeze, or cough. To further simulate airborne bacteria, spray the MIST canister for two (2) seconds while using a sweeping circular motion.


  • The same characteristics that make Glo Germ MIST behave like real germs are the exact same ones that make it difficult to contain.
  • MIST may remain suspended in the air for up to 5 minutes, so try to avoid disturbing the test area as much as possible for at least that length of time.
  • People who wear contact lenses may find the MIST irritating to their eyes.
  • MIST may spread into hard-to-reach places, and be difficult to remove from certain surfaces and clothing.
  • We highly recommend trial use in your designated testing area, prior to a training event, to eliminate these problems.

Hand Washing Training: Glo Germ Oil & Glo Germ Gel

  1. Shake the bottle of Glo Germ well, and place a small amount (quarter-sized for the Oil, nickel-sized for the Gel) into the palm of one hand, and spread the Oil/Gel over both hands as completely as possible, as if applying hand lotion. Be sure to cover your hands completely, including under the nails, around the cuticles, and between fingers.
  2. Wipe off any excess with a paper towel, though with the Glo Germ Gel this is usually not necessary. Do not let the Glo Germ come into contact with clothing, as staining may occur.
  3. Place both hands under a UV lamp to view the "glowing germs" that exist on your hands, before washing.
  4. Follow the CDC-recommended hand washing procedure, using soap and warm water. The amount of effort that is required to remove the simulated Glo Germ gemrs is equal to that of removing most bacteria.
  5. After washing your hands, place them back under the UV lamp, which will reveal any remaining Glo Germ germs as proof of improper handwashing technique. Pay special attention to under the nails, thumbs, cuticle beds, and between the fingers.

**NOTE** The complete removal of Glo Germ Oil or Glo Germ Gel using normal hand washing techniques will be more difficult if the skin of the hands is chapped or cracked, which will also indicate that bacteria is also harder to remove.

Surface Clearning: Gel & Powder

  1. Lightly spread a small amount of Glo Germ Powder or the Surface Cleaning Gel over the entire surface (smooth, non-porous surfaces work best).
  2. Clearn the surface area until all visible traces of the Powder or Surface Gel have disappeared.
  3. Pass a UV lamp over the surface to see any remaining traces of Powder or Gel glow, indicating areas that were not thoroughly cleaned.

Food Cross-Contamination

  1. Sprinkle the Glo Germ Powder very lightly (so that it is not visible in ordinary light) over a head of lettuce, tomato, or any other fruit or vegetable that will be processed by trainees.
  2. Have the trainees process the food using their normal procedures and kitchen utensils.
  3. Using a UV lamp, go over the areas where the trainee has been and what they used, to show how the "glowing germs" are spread to the hands, cutting boards, knives, and other foods.
  4. Dispose of any food used in the demonstration, and thoroughly clean any kitchen items used.

Visual Glo Germ Instructions