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Here you’ll find our complete inventory of quality lab supplies and equipment designed for every project and procedure you can think of. You’ll find measurement devices, chemicals, microscopes, and more for both school and professional labs. We have everything you need to conduct safe, precise, and accurate procedures at your facility.

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Agar and Related Products (56) Balances and Scales (63) Biotechnology (31) Bunsen Burners and Accessories (24) Bottle Top Dispensers (12) Chemicals (337) Combination Lab Packages (8) Crucibles (11) Desiccators (3) Glassware (378) Glo Germ Products (11) Hardware (64) Hot Plates and Stirrers (46) Incubators (4) Instruments (50) Measurement Devices (64) Microscopes, Slides, and Ac... (78) Mortars and Pestles (21) Ovens (9) Pipet and Pipettors (58) Plasticware (358) Porcelain Products (44) Rubber Stoppers and Corks (247) Rubber Tubing (11) Safety Products (64) Sterilization (0) Test Papers & Buffers (21) Test Tube Racks and Supports (42) Tools and Brushes (6) Vacuum Pumps and Accessories (23)