Testimonials From Some of Our Customers

Here is what some of our customers are saying not only about our products, but our company, as well. One of our goals here at Online Science Mall is to treat every customer and their order the same, whether they are spending $10 or $10,000 dollars with us.

Wright's Blood Stain
GREAT service! The only place I could find a small amount of stain so I didn't have to spend a ton of money.... unfortunately the post office was unkind to the box and the liquid leaked out. I got a replacement vial wrapped in plastic (so if the liquid even leaked, I could still use it) in no time flat. Thank you!! -Jaclyn M.

Rubber Armadillo Replica
Adorable little creature....my granddaughter had to draw something special in her Christmas stocking (this was in preschool)....she drew an ARMADILLO!! (and we live in New England!) So we thought it only appropriate that the "Elf on the Shelf" would be sitting on an armadillo on Christmas Eve morning. -Lynn B.

Rat Snake Replica
This item is absolutely AMAZING!! It is a great find for pranks. I've scared multiple people with this item. The quality of the snake is great, it is very durable and lifelike. It is painted perfectly and the scales are very realistic. -Ruben T.

Eyeball Marbles
My teenage daughter said to me, "I wish I had marbles that look like eyeballs so I could 'roll my eyes' at people." I was elated to have found these, and they are a great novelty item. I ordered two sets because each of the three are different colors. We have one set in their stands on the book shelf. It's definitely a unique display. My daughter was so pleased to get these. -Jeri Y.

Potato Dextrose Pre-Poured Plates
I've always been very pleased with these pre-poured agar dishes. They arrive on time safely packaged and are never contaminated. -Jacob M.

15.5" Rubber Alligator
FAST shipping!! alligator looks awesome - very detailed and realistic. the alligator looks green in the picture but it's actually more of a gray/brown, looks much better in person. love my purchase!! -Caroline K.

Caffeine Beaker Mug
This is a perfect gift for a college student. I have bought the same mug four times now as it has been lost or stolen. This mug has never broken and I have come to believe that it is unbreakable. I expect that I will buy it a fifth time. -Barbara M.

This has become such a popular mug in our office. We work in a lab but we use these in our offices, cant seem to have enough around, LOVE THESE! -Chelsea B.

Chromite Oxide Mineral
There isn't much you can say about chromite oxide--not like it's just like Mother used to make--but these are a VERY REPRESENTATIVE sample, not a weird variety, and when you want to teach, demonstrate, or just get close to your inner minerals, that's what you need. Fair price, quick service, good merchandise. -John B.

Set of 5 Sieves
There was an issue with the item, but OnlineScienceMall attended to it immediately and certainly to my satisfaction. -James L.

Dancing Bumblebee
OnlineScienceMall is fabulous in every way. I have ordered from them more than once and this solar powered dancing Bumblebee Flower is the cutest! Bought another for my niece. Dances even in lower lighting. Everyone at the office loves it! -Barbara R.

Size 0 Insect Pins
My interaction with OnlineScienceMall was awesome. My order got lost in the mail (though no fault of theirs) and after making sure that the package was no where to be found, they replaced it - making sure the second package got to me. I highly recommend them and would order again from them!!!!! -Amy L.

Fluorescent Minerals
Great specimens, good fluorescence and size. This is for a gift for my grand daughter and I think she'll be quite happy. I am. -John F.

Sodium Polyacrylate
Worked great for what I needed it for - a fun science demonstration for a group of elementary school kids. Shipping was prompt. Thank you! -Sara D.

Customer service was unbelievable! They were out of stock of one of the items and I received both an email AND a phone call and was offered another option. I was so happy with the transaction that I placed another order two days after receiving them! -Steve K.

Glo Germ Gel
Prompt delivery. Happily surprised it arrived days earlier than predicted. It allowed us for more time to experiment for my daughter's science fair project. Great price. Will for sure order from Online Science Mall again. Thanks! -Cecilia C.

Insect Pinning Block
I was taking an entomology course and needed a pinning block. I didn't want to spend too much on one and this one was great. Although I had some issues when it arrived, I thought that it was solid on the bottom and it has the holes drilled all the way through, Science Mall was extremely helpful and understanding. -Victoria S.

Rock Candy
OSM was very accommodating when I contacted them regarding shipping time. Item arrived ahead of time & we are very pleased with our purchase & experience with them. -Dorothy P.

Kyanite Mineral
An awesome company to deal with! The rock arrived, and was in three pieces (and smaller chunks) can bet it was due to shipping. I contacted the seller, they QUICKLY got back to me, and amended the issue that I had. After a short conversation, they assured me that they were putting a new rock in the mail. -Diana F.