The Big Hand Washing Mistake!

Germs are everywhere, and are evolving at an alarming rate, despite society having the best technology, most advanced medicines, and the most highly educated professionals to help protect us from them. With that said, how well is it really working for us? Let's take a look at some staggering numbers:

  • Hospital-associated infections sicken an estimated 1.7 million Americans each year. Of those, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) reports that approximately 100,000 Americans will die from those infections.
  • Two-thirds of all food-borne illnesses are transferred by improperly washed or contaminated hands, with recent statistics showing that Foodborne illnesses sicken a further 48 million Americans each year. Of those people 148,000 are admitted to the hospital, and approximately 3,000 of them die from those illnesses. The vast majority of these cases could easily be controlled by proper hygiene and hand washing techniques.

This happens every year, and seems to be getting worse the faster that germs evolve. Look around you, and think: How is this happening? Could it happen to me? Am I a cause of this?

A lot has happened since 1968, when Glo Germ first began their hand hygiene training. In today's world of rapid intercontinental travel, and the emergence of new superbugs, we are seeing exponential growth of both the "germ pool" and the spread of pathogens. These numbers are proof that medicine and technology simply cannot succeed on their own, and that it is time to change and get back to the basics.

You should never assume that your staff's sanitary standards are the same as yours, regardless of whether you work in a hospital, restaurant, or an office building. Signs stating that "Employees Must Wash Hands Before Returning to Work" are simply not enough, and have never truly been proven to be effective. To that end, you must protect not only yourself and your employees, but also your reputation, and your customers. Don't put your future into unwashed hands by skipping something so basic as teaching proper hand washing techniques using a visual aid like Glo Germ.

Clean hands will only remain clean until they come into contact with a contaminated surface. Statistics, charts, and lectures are simply not capable of fully training an individual, but hands-on, visual training does. Without that training, and reinforcement of it, our day-to-day havits will re-emerge and we will go back to life as usual. Muscle memory and conditioned responses are critical when trying to control the spread of tiny, deadly pathogens. Teach, train, reinforce, and do refresher training.

Designed for hands-on trianing, Glo Germ products were developed to properly demonstrate how to:

  • Clean hands properly
  • Avoid cross-contamination
  • Recognize when to wash again

With their emphasis on hands-on training and experiencing the results of proper vs. improper washing procedures, Glo Germ teaches each person where, and how, their individual habits continue to contribute to the chain of infection and contamination. By conditioning both the brain and the body to react, like muscle memory in athletes or dancers, you will begin to reduce or eliminate the very actions that enable germs and pathogens to thrive and spread.

Glo Germ products are capable of adapting to any situation or habit at any time, because of their ability to transfer just like a real pathogen. Glo Germ provides an instant, visual feedback of the germ transmission due to an individual's actions. These immediate and obvious examples of errors allow us to create a new, conditioned, response to stop those actions. Our time-tested products help to deliver immediate results that will stay with a trainee throughout their lives.