150mm Heavy Duty Glass Desiccator w/Porcelain Drying Plate

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150mm Heavy Duty Glass Desiccator w/Porcelain Drying Plate

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Heavy Duty Glass Desiccator w/Porcelain Plate


With thick walls and a sturdy, removable, 5" perforated porcelain drying plate, this 6" soda lime glass desiccator is perfect for larger items that require drying. It is a non-vacuum (plain) desiccator, and therefore has no stopcock. The sturdy glass top fits easily on the thick lip of the desiccator, and features a knob handle for removing or replacing the lid.

The lips of both the lid and the desiccator itself are ground glass, and should be greased with petroleum jelly before use. In addition to helping create an air-tight seal, the grease also helps cushion the lid when it is set down in place. To help prevent damage from being set down too forcefully, the lid can be carefully slid on, or off, of the desiccator once greased.

Desiccators can be used, though not exclusively, for preserving moisture-sensitive items, protecting hydroscopic (water absorbing) or water-reacting chemicals, as well as removing traces of water from samples that need drying.

A desiccant (not included) such as silica, calcined quicklime or anhydrous calcium chloride can be put in the lower chamber to be used as the drying agent.

Approximate Dimensions:

Inner Diameter: 6" (150mm)
Outer Diameter 8.125" (205mm)

Bottom Chamber Diameter: 5" (125mm)
Bottom Chamber Height: 1.75" (40mm)

Top Chamber Diameter: 6" (150mm)
Top Chamber Height: 3.25" (80mm)

Porcelain Plate Diameter: 5" (125mm)
Porcelain Plate Thickness: 0.25" (6mm)

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