Body Systems DVD

Body Systems DVD


Body Systems DVD

Body Systems DVD

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Body Systems DVD

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Welcome to our Human Body Systems video hands-on lab. Our lessons are inquiry and standards-based. You’ll find them entertaining, educational, safe, and easy to implement. We’ve built them so that you just have to pass items out to the students and then "press play".

We begin to classify the way the human body operates. They learn that cells are the building blocks of life and they organize themselves into organs and systems. Six systems are defined and described in an overview. A model of a skeleton and a human torso are used often to illustrate. Systems covered: circulatory, nervous, respiratory, digestive, skeletal, and muscular.


  • Interesting setting in the human brain.
  • Close ups of human torso model and life sized skeleton model.

Hands-on Activity
Muscle Quiver (1-3rd): Students try to hold a ruler perfect still while balancing a hair pin and measure the duration that they are able to do so.

Clothespin Workout: (4th-5th): Students repetitively open and close a clothespin for three 30 second trials, counting number of repetitions each time. They observe if their muscles are building strength over time or tiring over time.

Lesson Outline

  • Cells organize into organs and systems.
  • Each system is identified, its purpose and basic operation explained, and some interesting facts about each is discussed.

DVD Includes:

  • Main Lesson (19 mins)
  • Hands-On "Clothespin" (5:19 mins)
  • Hands-On "Hairpin" (2:40 mins)
  • Assessment with Help (5:16 mins)
  • Assessment (4:23 mins)
  • Vocabulary (11:22 mins)
  • Review (2:11 mins)

This objective of this unit is to teach your students about the six main human body systems.

  • · Respiratory
  • · Skeletal
  • · Muscular
  • · Nervous
  • · Digestive
  • · Circulatory

This unit contains: Quick Start Guide, Teacher's Notes, One DVD, Hands-on Experiment: Clothespin Squeeze, Hands-on Experiment: Muscle Quiver, Master Sheets

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