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Energy Interactive DVD


Energy Interactive DVD

Energy Interactive DVD

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Energy Interactive DVD

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Welcome to our Energy video hands-on lab. Our lessons are inquiry and standars-based. You'll find them entertaining, educational, safe, and easy to implement. We've built them so you just have to make a few copies, then press play.

The principles in action are shown at a local park - an environment all students recognize - and with a third-grade actress working with Mrs. S. Migh repetition of vocabulary in different settings helps cement new terminology and solid understanding. Energy is defined, potential v. kinetic energy are discussed, as well as the seven forms of energy. Hands-on involves testing a hypothesis, measurement, and highlights potential and kinetic energy. Supplies for 16 pairs of students.

Setting inside a computer for lecture, and playground setting for demonstrations. Quiz show, guessing the different types of energy based on pictures and footage shown on the screen.

Hands-on Activities
A marble is rolled down a ramp into an object (cup) and the students measure how far the cup is moved. Then they vary the height of the ramp, and observe the changes in the distance the cup moves. Done in pairs. Another explores with a pendulum. The third explores motion and friction.

Lesson Outline:

  • What is energy?
  • The two types of energy: Potential and Kinetic
  • The seven forms of energy(atomic, chemical, heat, electrical, light, mechanical, sound)
  • Conservation of energy

DVD Includes

  • Main Lesson(20 mins)
  • Hands-on (20 mins)
  • Assessment with help: (5 mins)
  • Assessment (5 mins)
  • Vocabulary (3:47 mins)
  • Review (4 mins)

Students will learn about the two types of energy and the seven forms of energy. Potential and kinetic energy are considered the two types. Potential energy is stored enegy and kinetic energy is active energy. For example, a ball resting at the top of a stair has stored energy due to its position. As the ball falls down the stairs, the potential energy is converted into kinetic or active energy.

The seven forms of energy are atomic, chemical, heat, electrical, light, machanical and sound. To remember these forms, they are given the mnemonic "A.C.Helms". Also, we teach about the law of conservation of energy which states that energy cannot be created or destroyed.

Unit contains: Quick Start Guide, Teacher's Notes, One DVD, Two Hands-On Activities, One Demonstration Item: "The Pendulum Dare", Master Sheets

The DVD includes a main interactive lesson, a step by step video guide to each hands-on activity, a segment on the in-class demonstration, two versions of a test, vocabulary, a short review video for later, and printable worksheets(in case the masters included are lost).

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