Five Senses DVD

Five Senses DVD


Five Senses DVD

Five Senses DVD

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Five Senses DVD

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Welcome to our Five Senses video hands-on lab. Our lessons are inquiry and standards-based. You’ll find them entertaining, educational, safe, and easy to implement. Just pull out the kit parts, add water and the packets to the squeeze bottles, pour the tonic water, then let the video roll.

Students become cognizant of the way we perceive the world around us—the five senses. Examples are shown in parks, farms, stores, and a child’s bedroom. Fun interactive hands-on activities are interwoven into the lesson while the video is paused. Icons and simple words are used for non-readers and early readers. Many opportunities for “guessing” the right answer are presented throughout, with students feeling proud of getting it right.

This unit teaches about our senses and make us aware of our surroundings. The senses work as follows: we taste using taste buds located on the tongue, we touch using the fingertips, we hear using our ears, sight uses our eyes and we smell uses our nose.


  • Settings in a park, farm, donut shop, and in studio
  • Highly interactive- guessing games
  • Tasting treats
  • Stickers

Hands-on Activities
The students are broken up into five groups.

  • Sight: Short images are shown for each group, and the group must identify what they see.
  • Hearing: Audio clips are played, and the group must identify what they are hearing.
  • Smell: Scented vials are issued to each group, which must smell them and identify the scent.
  • Taste: All students are samples of solutions and asked if it is sweet, salty, sour or bitter.
  • Touch: Each group is given socks containing a geometric shape. They must reach in and feel the shape and identify it.

Lesson Outline

  • Five senses are identified and described.
  • Students are shown examples of using their five senses in a regular community.
  • Hands-on is highly interactive, allow an hour total.

DVD Includes

  • Main lesson (6:40 mins run time)
  • Hands-On (12 mins run time)
  • Review (1:14 minutes)

The objective of this unit is to teach your student about the five senses: taste, touch, hearing, sight, sound. They will learn the following:

  • · Senses protect us from possible dangers
  • · Allow us to enjoy the world around us.
  • · Each sense is linked to a body part.

This unit contains: Quick Start Guide, Teacher's Notes, One DVD, Hands-on Game 1 through 5 (students work in teams of 4), Whole Class Demonstration Are you a genetic taster, Master Sheets

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