Natural Multi-Colored Agate Slab Wind Chime

Agate Slab Wind Chime

Natural Multi-Colored Agate Slab Wind Chime

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Unique, delightful and eye-catching. This pretty, decorative, seven piece multi-colored wind chime features colorful agate slabs that cascade to create a beautiful tinkling sound when kissed by a breeze. Each different colored agate slab measures approx 2.5\" long by 1.25 inches wide. Each of these slices of nature has been polished to perfection and suspended by a clear filament to provide you with a unique patio decoration. If you add sunshine, the translucent nature of these agate specimens create a gorgeous display of color and light. Total length: approx. 17 inches. Colors vary and include natural tans & browns interspersed with color enhanced pinks, greens and blues, Some slices have prominent agate banding in their center; Some have banding that is more subtle. Colors vary. No two sets are exactly alike and yours will not exactly match the image that we have provided.

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