Jelly Balloon Balls Set of 3 by TedCo Toys (Colors Vary)

Jelly Balloon Balls Set of 3 by TedCo Toys (Colors Vary)

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Jelly Balloon Balls Set of 3 


by TedCo Toys (Colors Vary) 


This set of 3 Jelly Balloon Balls by TedCo Toys is a great combination of two classic toys; balloons & balls! Kids can toss around these balloons without worry that they will float away or pop! This set comes with 3 colorful Jelly Balloon Balls that are easy to inflate (up to maximum of 25 centimetres) for long lasting play time! Jelly Balloon Balls are perfect as stocking stuffers, party favors, and birthday gifts for children! Unlike a typical balloon, these balloon balls are reusable for future play and can be deflated! Jelly Balloon Balls come in pink, orange, green, yellow, purple and blue: your colors will be selected by one of our team members from the in stock availability.  


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