KLUTZ Draw It 3D Book

KLUTZ Draw It 3D Book

KLUTZ Draw It 3D Book

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This set brings you everything you need to create mind melting, eye popping 3D art! the instructional, inspirational book will show you all the tricks to draw mind boggling 3D illusions.The kit includes your own paper-craft 3D viewer; step by step instructions for drawing on special 3D grid paper and tons of projects to tear out, color and customize. Complete kit contains:/p> 70 pg paperback book of instruction & inspiration 1 Mechanical pencil. 1 Black pen 1 Straight-edge ruler 1 Block eraser 70 Pages, Paperback, Author: Editors of Klutz Size: 9.5 x 8.5 inches Recommended for Ages 8+ Klutz is known for: Super clear instructions. Open-ended creativity Rewarding reading Helping develop skills to build on Providing nearly everything you need for your projects.

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