Lather Up! Hand Washing Science Activity Book

Lather Up! Hand Washing Science Activity Book


Lather Up! Hand Washing Science Activity Book

Lather Up! Hand Washing Science Activity Book

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Lather Up! Hand Washing Science Activity Book

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Lather Up! Hand Washing Activity Handbook

A quick rinse under the faucet is almost as good as a wash with soap and water, right? Wrong. A quick rinse with water leaves lots of germs on your hands. Now fix some food for yourself and your friends and you’ve got a great recipe for passing disease around.

Learn about keeping hands hygienic with the Lather Up! Hand Washing Activity Handbook.
  • 5 challenges
  • 60 pages
  • Middle and high school grades

Strive to Thrive! Features:

Strive to Thrive Activity Handbooks, written directly to the young teen audience, allow for self-directed learning and discovery on important environmental health topics that teens confront in their daily lives. The handbooks are used by teachers to spice up the curriculum and by club sponsors who are looking for innovation ideas. Handbooks are designed to draw teens’ families and friends into discussions on these important topics. Each guide includes
  • hands-on activities (use readily available materials)
  • magazine article-style readings 
  • thought-provoking questions 
  • games and puzzles

Lather Up is an excellent and well-written book that addresses the issue of hand washing and its contribution to health. The book contains activities and readings related to hand washing techniques, surveys, how microbes act, and an extensive section on super germs and antibiotic resistance. Activities on making and using soap are presented. The book is easy to read and is well illustrated. It should be a part of every biology teacher’s classroom.

This book is part of a series of books developed by Miami University’s Terrific Science Press through a Science Education Partnership Award from the National Institutes of Health. Students and parents can use each book in the series to conduct simple at-home experiments to provide insight into health and safety issues. The books include a set of challenges and activities such as puzzles and art projects. Teachers could use these books as a source for ideas for classroom activities as well as for enrichment projects. It’s a shame these aren’t duplicator books, but the cost is low and a class set of the books is affordable. The series has its own website, and each book contains references and a bibliography.

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