Matter II: Physical and Chemical Properties & Change

Matter II: Physical and Chemical Properties & Change


Matter II: Physical and Chemical Properties & Change

Matter II: Physical and Chemical Properties & Change

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Matter II: Physical and Chemical Properties & Change

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Welcome to our Matter II: Properties and Change video hands-on lab. Our lessons are inquiry and standards-based. You'll find them entertaining, educational, safe, and easy to implement. We've built them so you just have to make a few copies, and then press play.
The fact that matter takes up space and has weight is reviewed, but in this lesson we add that it cannot be created or destroyed. Students are introduced to the periodic table of elements. It is explained that atoms combine to create molecules, become solid, liquid, or gas (animation). The effect of temperature on molecular movement is shown. Properties of matter (physical and chemical) are discussed, and examples are shown. The two types of changes to matter are shown in demonstrations and are defined. Time lapse video is used to show slow processes in the student's span of attention.


  • Salt Evaporating
  • Ice melting with blow torch
  • Carbonizing sugar
  • Chemical induced rust
  • Ooblick-returning to powder form

Hands on
Hands-on activity has every student plating copper from a penny onto a nail, with visible results within five minutes, stimulating a debate about whether they have just witnessed a physical or chemical change.

Lesson Outline:

  • Reminder: Matter takes up space and has weight
  • Matter cannot be created or destroyed - it just changes form.
  • Matter has physical properties and chemical properties
  • Intro to Table of Elements, and how atoms form molecules.
  • How heat makes molecules move faster, and how it can make matter change forms.
  • Matter can change in physical ways, or chemical ways. How are they differentiated?

DVD Includes:

  • Main Lesson(18:18 mins)
  • Hands-on video "Change #1" (9:35 mins)
  • Hands-on video "Mystery of Shiny Penny" (10:02 MINS)
  • Hands-on video "Change #2" (2:17 mins)
  • Review (2:55 mins)
  • Assessment with help (10:06 mins with demonstration)
  • Assessment (8:04 mins - different demonstration)
  • Vocabulary

The objective of this unit is to teach your students about matter. They will learn the following: Matter cannot be created or destroyed, Physical and chemical properties are a way for scientist to describe matter. Physical properties describe matter using the five senses and chemical properties describe how matter behaves, and Physical and chemical changes are ways that matter can change (Physical changes are usually reversible and chemical changes are not.

This unit contains: Quick Start Guide, Teacher's Notes, One DVD, Hands-on "Physical or Chemical Change that is the Question?", Hands-on "The Mystery of the Shiny Penny", Master Sheets, MSDS

The DVD includes a main interactive lesson, a step by step video guide to all three hands-on activities, two versions of a test, vocabulary, a short review video for later, and printable worksheets (in case the masters included in the kit are lost).

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