Sodium Polyacrylate Super Absorbent Polymer 35 Grams

Sodium Polyacrylate 35 grams

Sodium Polyacrylate Super Absorbent Polymer 35 Grams

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Kids and adults will be amazed when they see the super absorbent sodium polyacrylate soak up more than 500 times its weight in water and turn into gel! The greatest absorbency rate occurs with distilled water. When transitioning from distilled to tap water, the rate will vary and proportions used will change. Super absorbent polymers (SAP), also called slush powder, are polymers that can absorb and retain extremely large amounts of a liquid relative to their own mass. One of the largest uses of sodium polyacrylate powder, referred to as the diaper powder, is baby's diapers, adult protective absorbent underwear and pads. Sodium polyacrylate is used commercially in underground power and communications cable, horticultural water retention agents and control of spill and waste aqueous fluid. Teachers will find sodium polyacrylate great for chemistry classroom demonstrations and science experiments. Sodium polyacrylate is non-toxic when used as directed. Sodium polyacrylate is great for home use to make ice packs, absorb liquid spills and kids' magic tricks. This 35 gram pack is enough for several science experiments or magic tricks. This chemical powder comes in many different grinds. This is not the grind that makes instant snow. Ages 8 and up with adult supervision.

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