Thames & Kosmos Ss 57 Spectacular Science Experiment Kit

Thames & Kosmos Ss 57 Spectacular Science Experiment Kit


Thames & Kosmos Ss 57 Spectacular Science Experiment Kit


Thames & Kosmos Ss 57 Spectacular Science Experiment Kit

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Thames & Kosmos Ss 57 Spectacular Science Experiment Kit


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Do-It-Yourself Science Show

Amaze your audience with awesome chemistry demonstrations! Rehearse and perform a science show to entertain your friends and family, and teach them some science in the process.

The experiments in this kit have been carefully selected and scripted to create exciting performances. This chemistry set contains the lab equipment, materials, and chemicals you need to put on your own science show. A special 64-page, full-color, comic-book style manual guides you through the preparation and performance of 25 shows. The manual instructs you how to conduct each experiment, explains what is happening scientifically, and gives you stage directions for executing it smoothly and safely like a professional. Special cue cards are also included to help you remember your lines and each experiment's procedure.

The experiments are divided into five shows. In the elemental show, you can crush a soda can with water and heat, move particles with your magic wand, produce a fabric that doesn't burn, make dazzling colored flames with chemicals, and craft a blazing witch's breath. In the water show, you will defy gravity with water, make water vanish into thin air, bend a spoon and a stream of water, repel water with your fingertips, and make a fire-resistant balloon. The carbon dioxide show gives you a stage to make a self-inflating balloon and a self-destructing bottle, and command soap bubbles to rest on an invisible pond. In the candle show, you will light a candle with water, light a candle remotely, and magically extinguish candles in four ways. For encores, you can watch mystical glowing black snakes grow from a pile of powder, turn red "fruit punch" into purple "grape juice," make fireworks from an orange, and turn "milk" into a solid and back into a liquid again.

  • -Colorful Magic Tricks!
  • -Levitating Bubble Illusions!
  • -Mystical Black Snakes!
  • Ages 12 and up
  • 64-page Manual Experiment Manual Sample Pages (PDF)
  • 25 Experiments 
  • Adults must be present to supervise and assist with all experiments.
  • Some additional items are required for some experiments.

This includes: common food ingredients, denatured alcohol, office supplies, and kitchen tools and utensils.

WARNING: This set contains chemicals and parts that may be harmful if misused. Read cautions on individual containers and in the manual carefully. Not to be used by children except under adult supervision.

WARNING: Only for use by children over 10 years old. To be used solely under the strict supervision of adults who have studied the precautions given in the experimental set. Contains some chemicals which are classified as safety hazards. Read the instructions before use, follow them, and keep them for reference. Do not allow chemicals to come into contact with any part of the body, particularly mouth and eyes. Keep young children and pets away from experiments. Store the chemistry set out of reach of young children. Eye protection for supervising adults is not included. You can find a list of Hazard and Precautionary statements of the dangerous substances and mixtures (chemicals) contained in this experimental kit on the inner sides of the box.

WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD -Children under 8 yrs. can choke or suffocate on uninflated or broken balloons. Adult supervision required. Keep uninflated balloons from children. Discard broken balloons at once. Use an air pump to inflate the balloon. Made of natural rubber latex. Keep packaging and manual for information. Not for children under 3 yrs. CONTENTS: iron powder, potassium permanganate, strontium chloride, lycopodium powder, sodium bicarbonate, polymer crystals, magnesia stick, science show cue cards, plastic film, lid remover, measuring spoon, safety goggles, three measuring cups, two measuring cup lids, three plastic pipettes, porcelain bowl, plastic tube (magic wand), funnel, marble, three tealight candles, balloons, white pillar candle, sheet of labels, three aluminum tealight candle holders, cue card holder, two tealight candle stands

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