Tippe Tops - Set of 3 Wooden Tops

Tippe Tops - Set of 3 Wooden Tops

Tippe Tops - Set of 3 Wooden Tops

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One of a kind, these Tippe Tops have a smooth, mushroom-like shape. Capable of self-righting themselves if they are knocked over onto their sides, you may think that is the only unique thing about these tops. You would be mistaken, however. When the Tippe Top is spun, it will naturally turn over onto its side. If it is rotating fast enough, the top will flip over onto its stem, and continue rotating.

Once the Tippe Top has lost enough momentum, it will begin to wobble and then fall over onto its side again, until it looses all momentum and stops spinning completely. The reason that the top wobbles on its side and then turns upside down, is due to it spinning about its center of mass, and not the center of contact.

This simple "toy" packs a big scientific punch, allowing it to be used to help explain concepts like the moment of inertia, angular momentum, rotational force, gravity, and friction. Made out of wood, and then painted, the Tippe Top comes as a set of 3: large, medium, and small.

  • Large 3.8×3.8×5cm (1.50x1.50x1.97inches)
  • Medium 3.2×3.2×4cm (1.26x1.26x1.57inches)
  • Small 2.5×2.5×3.5cm (0.98x0.98x1.38inches)

Comes complete with a teacher's guide.

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